Elder Tolen's Transfer History

Elder Tolen's Transfer History
Elder Tolen's Transfer History


Friday, July 3, 2015

Week 28 [37]: Eventful Adventures

June 15, 2015

Well, it sure has been an eventful week! Let me begin with what we did today! We woke up early, and went to a place called Endoshima with some missionaries that are friends with Elder Cluff, and that was a blast! Except it was really hot! But we got to do lots of hiking! Endoshima is an island, so we were able to look at a whole bunch of tide pools and stand right next to the ocean. But, unfortunately, my name tag jumped off my chest, and decided to take a swim in the ocean. Forever. So yeah... Good thing I have other ones! After that we caught some shellfish rocks next to the ocean, and saw a few stingrays! That was really amazing! After that, we went and explored some caves located on the island, and they gave us these cool candle things to carry as we walked around in the caverns! It was quite an experience!

A miracle I was able to witness this week was... This entire week! We were so busy this week! We taught at least one lesson every single day, which is a first since I have come out into the field! I don't know if you remember my email from last week, but that man we found that wanted to take lessons, showed up for his lesson appointment, and we were able to have a wonderful lesson with him! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help teach this man.

Update on the bike: So I sold my old bike! After much trial and testing, I was finally able to sell the broken thing, and was able to purchase a new bike! I bought a nice road bike. Let me tell you: When I came here, they told me to buy a mountain bike. So I did. Don't do that. Mountain bikes are great! If you are mountain biking. But as missionaries here in Japan, we never leave the roads with our bikes. So there really isn't a point to having a giant heavy bike that you have to carry around when you transfer.

Another miracle that happened this week: We set up an appointment with this man to meet who was listed under our PI list, so after we rode to the meeting location, on my new bike, which was 20 Km away, we met this wonderful man! We did some service by trimming his trees, which was a lot of fun, except one of them had huge thorns, so I was impaled a few times, but it was all fun! After that he took us out to dinner, and told us he is going to take us to do Kendo next week! Which is the Japanese bamboo sword thing! That is the best way I can describe it..... It is going to be way fun!

Love you guys!

Elder Tolen
Endoshima Adventure

Shrine inside the caves on Endoshima
Elder Wright and Elder Tolen
In the caves at Endoshima
Endoshima Caves...creepy... 

Finally, a new bike! No more repairs (hopefully!)!

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