Elder Tolen's Transfer History

Elder Tolen's Transfer History
Elder Tolen's Transfer History


Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 32 [41]: Getting Hotter!

July 13, 2015

Hello! Can you believe it's already been another week? Crazy right? In about 2 months I will be hitting my year mark on my mission. That's pretty crazy to me. What about all of you?

Well, this week went by fast, but it had a lot of ups and downs. At the beginning of the week, we taught a lesson to our investigator who is from Iraq. He is so funny. He is just this bubbly 80-year-old man. But he has done so much during his life! He has worked on movies for Hollywood, and been in numerous movies back in the day! It's crazy. So, we had a lesson with him, and he took us out for a little snack after, and I guess I got some bad food, because I was taken out of commission for the rest of that day, and the next day. So that was hard.... What made it even harder was my companion got really frustrated with me about it. So that made me feel even worse. I didn't try to get sick... So that was kind of a bummer. But I'm better now, and been working hard.

After that, a miracle we were able to see this week was we were walking in this park that I forgot the name of, and we stopped this one young man. We started talking, and he told us he had no interest in the Gospel. So we both just testified to him, and the Spirit instantly swept over all of us. He looked at the Book of Mormon, and just said, "I want that book."  It was so crazy! We got his phone number, and I'm excited to see where this goes! The Lord truly will put prepared people in your path, as long as you are doing everything you can to do your part! It really never ceases to astound me.

Another miracle! So yesterday, we went to visit a member who was in the hospital, because we wanted to bring him some banana bread we made, so we made the trek over there and had a great conversation with him, and it was a blast! He was so nice! So after that we left, and got on a train to go home. So we got to a station where we had to transfer trains, so we go and wait for out next train, and this guy wearing a "Needs more cowbell" shirt sits down next to me. You better believe I pounced on him. Turns out, as expected, he was a drummer, too! He actually has a rock band in Seattle! So we started talking about that, and then of course, I asked him if he believed in God. He told me he didn't know, but he doesn't believe God is there. So I told I knew that He is here, and he said, "Well, how do you know?" Great question, yeah? I started talking about my experiences with prayer, and testified to this man. The craziest part was watching him as he felt the Spirit. I ran out of time when my train got to my station, so I just had to give him my number and run before my companion left me, but I know he felt the Spirit. It was amazing to watch that. It's amazing how the Lord will use your talents in the ways that he does. It really is great!

Well, I love you all so much, keep loving each other!

Elder Tolen

Elder Tolen and the Drummer

Missionaries after Singing Primary Songs to Chinese Investigators

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