Elder Tolen's Transfer History

Elder Tolen's Transfer History
Elder Tolen's Transfer History


Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 27 [36]: After some Refreshing Refreshment...

Well greetings! How are you all doing? This week was really busy! I didn't have much time to take a lot of pictures.... So sorry about that! But I did take a few! So no worries there. Today is Elder Cluff's birthday! So we had a little party! I'll be sure to include some pictures.

This week was pretty fun! I got to go on splits with an Elder named Elder Stevens. He will be going home in about 2 months, so that was really fun! I was able to learn quite a bit from him.

Something sad that happened this week... Our investigator with a baptismal date called us earlier this week to tell us that he will keep taking lessons, but he isn't going to get baptized. So it was really sad to hear that, but he did say he will keep taking lessons, so there is still hope! That is key in this life: Hope.

Yesterday, we went up towards Hakone.  We didn't go up to Hakone, so don't worry Mom :), but we were doing some work up there, when we decided to visit a man with whom we had had a good experience before, so we got up there, and it was quite a laborious climb, parked our bikes, and before we knocked on his door, I got really light-headed, so I had to get a drink from a vending machine. It was Fast Sunday, so I hadn't drunk as much water as was needed to sustain myself, so I felt a little woozy.  But after a refreshing refreshment, we went to his house and shared a great message! And the best part was that after our message, we asked him if he wanted to take lessons, and he said yes! He told us he would meet us at our church on Friday! It was such a surprise! That is way uncommon out here, so it was such a blessing to be able to see that. He was very excited to learn more about the Book of Mormon, so it should be a great experience.

It is supposed to start raining pretty soon! And once it starts, it will rain on and off for about a month! So that is exciting. It will be cool to experience the rainy season, especially for me, coming from Utah where is rains for like five minutes at most. I got my package, mom! Thank you so much! I will use the rain suit a lot! And thank you for the Mac & Cheese! We have already eaten about 6 boxes worth! ;) It is delicious.

I love you guys! If you have any questions feel free to email me! :)

Elder Tolen

Service Project--Only Elder Tolen Remembered to Wear the Yellow Vest
Elder Cluff's Birthday:  Crepe Party!

Happy Birthday, Elder Cluff!

Fun with the Panorama Feature on the iPad...

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