Elder Tolen's Transfer History

Elder Tolen's Transfer History
Elder Tolen's Transfer History


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 20 [29]: Lots of Rain, Lots of Lessons

It's Mail Time!!!! MMMAAAAIIIIIILLLLL TIIIIIIIMMMMMMEE. I miss you guys! How is everyone doing? Did you like the Blue's Clues reference? Cool. Me too.

This week has been good! We taught a lot of lessons this week, which was really good. It is nice to actually be teaching instead of trying to find people to teach. I feel like I'm emailing way early today.  I guess I kind of am.

For some cool news, for a baptism the Sisters have this week, I've been asked to play the piano for a piano solo. Guess what I'm going to be playing? Homeward Bound! It's great. I have to finish learning the last part but I've almost finished it, which is nice.

It has rained a  ton this week. Like a TON. And I need to buy a new rain suit, because the other one was kind of cheap so it ripped long ago. But that isn't really important. Rain here is so different compared to Utah. In Utah it rains for like 5 minutes. Here it rains for like 5 days. So I'm still adjusting to that, but it's fun!

A cool miracle from this week is while we were walking around the beach talking to people, this guy just walked up and didn't say anything, so Elder Cluff was just like, "What's up!", and the man was just like, "Oh nothing much." I was blown away. Turns out the man is from China, and he also spoke English, and no Japanese. That was fun. I don't think I have ever had to teach the Gospel so simply, but he was pretty interested! He said he was going to look more into it back in China. He was a really cool guy, and right after that we started talking to a French guy, but I don't know French, and his wife didn't want anything do to with us, so we didn't really get to talk to them. But their little baby loved us! He was adorable. It is weird how such small little parts of your day can bring you so much joy in your life as a missionary.

I love missionary work, and if you aren't enjoying yourself while you do it, you are doing it wrong. But don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about being a bad missionary and doing things you aren't supposed to, but missionary work literally is the best, and just by walking around you can have so much fun with your companions, and you can also be there to help bless people's lives when the Spirit needs you to. You always need to be worthy of the Spirit, because you never know when the Lord will need you, and when He needs you, He needs you immediately. So I challenge you all to be worthy of the Spirit at all times! It will make you so much happier!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much!

Elder Tolen
Elder Tolen and Elder Uamura

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