Elder Tolen's Transfer History

Elder Tolen's Transfer History
Elder Tolen's Transfer History


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween, and the Existence of Children

This was a really fun week! 本当に楽しかったです [it was really fun]!It was Halloween! My roommates and I all dressed up and went trick or treating! My companion dressed up like a ninja, Elder Phillips dressed up like a scarecrow, and I was a ghost. Elder Jennings didn't really want to participate..... But the three of us sure had a lot of fun! It was a blast.

Elder Tolen, the ghost
Elder Dunn (Ninja) and Elder Tolen (Ghost) on Halloween
Trick-or-Treating missionaries!
This week was also fast Sunday. That was rough. I was starving. The MTC doesn't serve food until dinner, which I guess is a good thing. If there is no temptation, then there's no risk of breaking our fasts. But let me tell you: Boy was I hungry after that. This week we also got to walk over to the BYU Marriot Center and watch a devotional given there! Entering into the outside world--that was a weird experience. We saw people in normal clothes, and families and stuff. I don't think you guys know how cut off from the outside world you really are in the MTC. I saw a baby and I was like, "Oh. I forgot children existed". That was a really neat experience.
Waiting for the devotional to start
Elders and Sisters waiting for the devotional
Marriott Center, waiting for Elder Golden to speak

So yesterday new missionaries came in, and I got to host again. I knew my friend Elder Holdaway was supposed to come in, but with the amount of missionaries coming in, I knew the chances were slim-to-none that I would actually get to host him. As a car was pulling up for me to host, I just had this feeling that I should let the Elder behind me take that car, and I would move up and take the next one. So as I did, I saw a car that I thought I recognized. As it pulled up I realized that it was Elder Holdaway. I was so happy! I couldn't believe that I got to host him! Probably one of my favorite experiences of the week.

Elder Tolen hosting Elder Holdaway as he entered the MTC
Well our 先輩 [senior-ranking missionaries] left this week. It's been pretty quiet since they left. I miss them, and I can't wait to go join them in 日本 [Japan]. Before they left, Elder Law drew a picture of me! I'll be sure to post it. It's really awesome.

Drawing of Elder Tolen by Elder Law
I love you guys! Please feel free to write me! I miss you, and I hope you're all doing well!

Elder Tolen, Elder Dunn, Elder Law, and a few other elders in the Zone.

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